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How Often Should You Really Be Cutting Your Hair?

We've all heard from a hairstylist at one point or another that we should be getting our haircut every six to eight weeks, but is this too often? Maybe. What it really comes down to is your hairstyle and your hair goals. Below we break down how often you should really be cutting your hair.

Curly Haircut

If your haircut is short and structured

You should be getting a haircut every three to seven weeks. If you keep your hair in a very specific style, a haircut in Bee Cave every three weeks will be your best bet. This will keep your stylish look nice and polished. If your look is more relaxed, the four to seven week window should work nicely. This is shortened however if you have bangs, which typically require a trim every couple of weeks to keep the hair out of your eyes.

If your hair is healthy and mid length

Your hair will be fine getting cut just three to four times a year. If you're more particular about your look however, you might need to get it cut more often as layers require more maintenance. Heavily cut styles with a lot of layers require a haircut every six weeks, to keep hair from looking ragged.

If your hair is damaged

When your hair is damaged, eight weeks is your best bet for haircut frequency. This will remove dry and frayed ends to help keep hair healthy. Eight weeks is also the recommended time if your hair is chemically treated.

If your hair is curly

Six to eight weeks is ideal for anyone with wavy or curly hair, while those with tight curls can wait two months between cuts. There is a caveat though - always have your stylist check to see if you need a trim to avoid over processing your ends when getting a color or chemical treatment.

If your hair is fine

Fine hair constantly needs reshaping to keep it from looking limp and lifeless. You can go between four and six weeks for a haircut, depending on your hair's needs.

So there's your answer. The time in between trims changes from person to person and style to style. When you're considering a new hair style ask yourself how often you want to head to the salon for a cut - your original idea may change. When you're ready, visit the best hair salon in Bee Cave for your new haircut.

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