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Hair Extensions 101

Bee Cave Hair Extensions

You can't scroll through Instagram without being served post after post of gorgeous girls with gorgeous hair. Let's face it, hair extensions are IN and they're not just for celebrities anymore.

There are quite a few different hair extension types, with the most popular being: tape-ins, hand-tied wefts and bonded hair extensions. While the hair extension type that is right for you will depend on your lifestyle (and a thorough consultation with our hair extension specialist Brandy Marshall), there are a few common questions we get about hair extensions in general.

Below we will answer some of our most frequently asked hair extension questions! If you have any specific questions of course, give us a call or schedule a complimentary hair extension consultation.

1. Can I wash my hair with hair extensions?

Yes! It would be really gross if you stopped washing your hair, so of course you can wash your hair when you have extensions it. You will just need to be a little more gentle when handling your hair - especially when wet.

You'll also want to confirm which products you're using on your hair extensions when washing them to ensure that you keep them in the best condition, for as long as possible.

2. Can I use heat on my hair extensions?

Yes - you can use hair dryers, flat and curling irons, but once again, you'll want to take a little extra care to preserve the quality of your hair extensions. We recommend that you limit your use of heat styling tools, as they can dry out your hair, but when you do use heat make sure you're using a heat protectant and limiting the temperature that you're using.

3. Can I wear my hair straight when I have hair extensions?

While it's true you will see most people with curls or waves in their hair when rocking hair extensions, you can wear them in whatever style you please. People tend to rock curls or waves because it makes it easier to to hide the extensions; however, with creative placements and the right amount of teasing, you can hide the extensions with straight hair as well.

Still have questions? Give us a call today for all of your hair extension needs! We offer tape-ins, hand-tied wefts, natural beaded rows and bonded extensions.


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