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Looking Back: Hair Trends of 2017

As we approach 2018 and look forward to another year full of new hairstyles and trends, it's time to take a look back to the styles, cuts and colors that brought us to this point.

Platinum Hair:

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne brought this trend mainstream this year proving that you don't have to be born blonde to have fun. Don't worry about the dark regrowth you might experience either, the 'rooty' look is in. Want a whole new style? You can add to your platinum color with waist length extensions à la Kardashian, or keep your hair short and buzzed similar to Delevingne.


Popping up everywhere in 2017, the Lob has taken over. Typically categorized as a longer, shoulder length bob, the lob can be styled either straight or wavy. This haircut incorporates the simplicity and care-free styling of a bob, but allows you to keep some of your length, making it a popular choice for women of all ages.

Long Hair:

Although we've heard that as the older you age, the shorter your hair should be, long hair has made a comeback. Waist length locks similar to Cher, can be seen speckled throughout the timeline of 2017. If you want to bring this style into 2018, ensure your hair is healthy by getting frequent trims and using deep conditioning masks at least once a week. This look can only be pulled off if your ends aren't frazzled and frayed.

High Pony-Tails:

What typically is regarded as a lazy girl hairstyle, the high ponytail has made a glamorous comeback. The ponytail can be styled up or down, and can be loose and wavy, or straight and sleek. This look is not only popular for celebrities on the red carpet, but is easy to recreate at home.

Flat Waves:

This look made our list because it is distinctly 2017. Unlike the volume present in previous year's waves, the flat waves of 2017 look almost kinky. With all of the waves and none of the volume, this look was sported on people like Kendall Jenner. Not sure if this one will make it to the masses before the year is over.

Blunt Bob:

Typically only seen on Victoria Beckham, the blunt bob's angular lines have been everywhere this year. Although usually worn straight, this haircut can be styled curly as well, making it versatile for all hair types. The sharp lines bring the overall look of this style up a notch from your typical 'mom bob'.

2017 seemed to favor either short or long hair, and not too much in between. Slick and straight hair is making a comeback and we can expect to see more of that next year. The end of the year can be bittersweet, especially if you stress about keeping up with the next year's trends, but don't worry - we're here to help!

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