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Time for a Hair Update?

Girl with long curly hair

Whether it’s post-breakup, a new job or just wanting a change, updating your hair can give you a fresh look and make you feel like a brand-new woman! If you’re looking for a hair refresh, you have plenty of options. Choosing what to do to your hair however can be challenging. Below we will breakdown common hairstyle updates and upgrades to help you narrow down your choices!

1. Haircuts

Haircuts are incredibly underrated. Not only is a haircut the most inexpensive way to update your look, but it can also be the most forgiving. While a dye job that you dislike can be extremely difficult to get rid of, with a haircut, you just have to wait for it to grow back out. Of course it can be painful to wait for an unfortunate haircut to grow back, but have patience and know that it will!

2. Hair Color

With so many hair color options like highlights, full color, balayage, babylights and ombre, there will be a hair color option for you. Whether you want a slight change, or something more drastic, you will be able to achieve your goals with hair color. The great thing about hair color is that you can build on it; if you start with something natural-looking like babylights or partial highlights, you can always add more color later, like a full-highlight or all over color.

3. Extensions

Have you been dreaming of mermaid hair? Hair extensions can make your dreams come true! Instead of waiting years for your hair to get to your desired length, or hoping that it will get more volume, take matters into your own hands with hair extensions. Hair extensions can give you an updated look without you having to alter your natural hair color or your favorite layers.

Hopefully this blog post has given you some more clarity on what you want to do to update your hair! Now it’s time to schedule your appointment - give Brandy Marshall a call today!


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