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Your Bee Cave Hair Color Destination

Choose from a wide variety of hair coloring services. 


Subtly alter your look or give yourself a full makeover with our most popular coloring service. 

Full Color

Drastically update your look with full color. We will customize your hair color using the latest techniques, creating everything from platinum blonde to midnight black. 


We will paint bleach on your hair in subtle streaks to give you a natural, sun-kissed color. Balayage can be completely customized to your preference. 

Root Touch-Up

Touch up your full-color with our root touch-up service. Our root touch-ups will cover greys and dark roots to keep your color looking fresh. 

Color Correction

Mistakes happen, and we're here to fix them. Our color correction pricing is dependent on the amount of correction needed. 

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Purple Hair Ends .jpg
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