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Managing Your Hair In Humidity

Although the Texas humidity is wonderful for your skin, for those with curly or wavy hair it can be a nightmare. Many women don't bother styling their hair in the summer because the second it hits moisture, all their hard work is ruined. Even if the humidity is not terrible, it is one of the leading causes of frizziness and unruliness. Weather and humidity, like many things in life, are unpredictable. If you're searching for a way to ensure your hair is always prepared to look its best, your answer might be a Brazilian Blowout.

A Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent treatment to reduce frizz and curls and it helps keep your hair healthy! Brazilian Blowouts use a liquid keratin formula to create a protective shield around each strand of hair. This diminishes frizz, seals the cuticle and helps protect against external damage - you'll also be left with an irresistible shine. The process is fairly simple: your certified stylist will apply the formula to your hair, wash it and dry it and then seal it in with a flat iron. The solution will then be rinsed out and your hair conditioned. This will be finished with a final blow-dry; the process typically takes an hour and a half. Unique to the Brazilian Blowout, you can control how straight you want your hair with the treatment. The more passes your stylist does with the flat iron, the straighter your hair will be. If you want to just tame frizz and keep your texture you can, or you can opt for a completely smooth look.

Brazilian Blowouts won't make your hair completely straight, nor is it permanent. Should you choose to curl your hair one day you will be able too (unlike Japanese Straightening). Your hair will also keep some of its natural qualities; if your hair dried curly before the treatment you will still have some curls or waves after the Blowout. However, your hair will be more manageable and dry more quickly - typically drying in half the time! You can also receive a Brazilian Blowout if you have color-treated hair. In fact, if can often keep your hair color brighter and more vibrant for a longer period of time. The treatment is also completely safe; it even helps improve moisture and shine. The amount of formaldehyde in the product is no more than what's in nail polish.

This treatment is not your typical Keratin treatment, in fact it's much more flexible. With a Brazilian Blowout you can tie your hair back and go back to your regular life. There's no necessary restrictions after the treatment, but there are a few things you can do to make your Blowout last longer. These include: less hair washing, avoiding shampoos with sulfate and staying away from chlorinated water. The treatment will begin to fade, and you'll see your natural hair texture return around the hairline. This will be your indicator that it's time to go back for another Blowout.

Brazilian Blowouts can get pretty pricey, but Brandy is offering a 50% off special, just in time for summer and Austin's humidity. The Blowout is typically $300, but is being offered for only $150! Have questions? As always, Brandy's consultations are complimentary - book online today!


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