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What are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Our next couple of blog posts will be covering the types of hair extensions we're now offering! Since we already covered hand-tied extensions, it's time to move on to our most popular hair-extension offering - tape-in hair extensions. Let's dive in!

How are Tape-In Hair Extensions Applied?

Tape-in hair extensions are exactly what they sound like - hair extensions that are attached using tape. However, not just any tape is used with these extensions; instead, specially formulated tape that's especially sticky, yet gentle enough for your hair is used. We want the hair extensions to stay in place, however, we don't want to damage your hair, so these special tape is vital to tape-in hair extensions.

To install the tape-in hair extensions, small sections of your natural hair are parted out. Then for each section of your natural hair a tape-in extension "sandwich" is used; by "sandwich" we mean that one tape-in is placed on each side of your natural hair and then sandwiched together with your natural hair acting as the sandwich filling.

How Many Tape-In Hair Extensions Do I Need?

If you're wanting to gain length with your tape-in hair extensions, you will need a couple dozen of these tape-in sandwiches. If volume is your goal however, you can add as many as you want until you reach your desired hair volume. Your hair stylist will take care to appropriately place each tape-in set to blend with your natural hair and give your hair the most realistic look possible.

How Long Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

Tape-in hair extensions need to be removed and reapplied about every three months. To remove the hair extensions your stylist will most likely use an alcohol spray to loosen the grip of the tape and then separate the sandwiches.

If you purchased quality, human hair you can definitely reuse your hair - most likely for around a year's worth of wearing. To reuse your hair your hair stylist will remove the old tape strips and replace them with new tape before reapplying them to your natural hair.

Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Expensive?

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the least expensive hair extension types. Tape-in hair extensions are sold in bundles - usually with about 5 sandwiches (10 individual pieces) per bundle. Of course, the cost of these bundles is dependent on the brand and quality of hair. It's always best to purchase your hair through your hair stylist. Not only do they have access to the best quality hair, but often hair stylists will only work with hair brands they're familiar with.

We hope this post has been helpful in your understanding of tape-in hair extensions. If you're in Bee Cave, Texas or the Central Texas area give Brandy Marshall at Bee Cave Hair Salon a call for a consultation today! She will discuss your hair extension goals and help you determine the best type of hair extensions for your hair type.


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