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Your Perfect Hair Color in Bee Cave, Texas

Bee Cave Hair Stylist

It is easy to look through Google and save hair color pictures that you like for your next hair appointment. The problem is, what can look amazing on one person, might not look amazing on you. This is because we all look different, and have different features. When choosing your next hair color idea, you'll want to pay attention to your skin tone, facial features and how your hair takes color (warm or cool).

Skin Tone and Hair Color:

You don't want to look washed out or one-dimensional and unfortunately, the wrong hair color can do both! When looking at your skin tone, look beyond the color or shade of your skin, and try to look at the undertones and skin coloring. For example, your skin could have a pink undertone rather than a yellow undertone. Similar to nude nail polish looking better on tan skin, and light pinks looking best on skin with yellow undertones, hair color can have the same effect. If you're thinking about making a drastic change in your hair color, consider investing in a hair extension swatch kit. You can hold the palate up to your face and sift through the different shade variations of blondes, browns and reds.

Use your own eyes and ask your local hair stylist in Bee Cave for their opinion. Your hair stylist always knows best!

Facial Features:

While this plays a more important in hair cuts and hair styles, your hair color can help highlight or diminish your facial features. Do you have wonderful cheekbones? Consider so chin length highlights to brighten that area of your face. Do your lips have a natural dark red tint? A beautiful brown hair color could help emphasize the ruby redness of your lips.

If you insist on looking at photos online of your favorite celebrity's hair color, pay particular attention to the facial features that you might share with them. You don't have to look like the celebrity, but you may have similar features, like rosy cheeks or a low hairline. Take a look at how that person highlights those features with their hair color and follow suit.

Warm or Cool Hair Color:

You think you've found exactly what hair color you want, only to find out that after toning and using purple shampoo you're still not getting that beautiful cool blonde you were looking for. Sometimes, your hair stylist gets you the hair tone you are looking for, only to be washed out the first time you wash your hair at home.

Our hair often pulls warm or cold when colored, and it is difficult to change. Often, your hair tone will never be quite what you're looking for, at least not for a long period of time. It's better to know what tone your hair pulls when colored, and stick with a hair color that will complement that.

The idea of choosing a brand new hair color can be exciting, but keeping the above things in mind when going for your new look can help ensure your new hair color is the perfect look for you.


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